When Action Meets Contemplation ~ MP3

When Action Meets Contemplation ~ MP3


Shane Claiborne and Richard Rohr discuss action and contemplation in this presentation.

Shane is on fire with the Holy Spirit and acting in the world according to the teachings of Jesus—not an easy task to accomplish anywhere in today’s world. This is especially challenging in inner-city Philadelphia. This young man from Tennessee shows us all how to be faithful to Jesus’ teachings and have a lot of fun in the process! You will be inspired by his energy, wit, and courageous example.

Richard brings his years of contemplative practice to share the vital importance of acting in the world in a compassionate way. This compassionate action is nourished by living with a contemplative mind. Letting go of judging others, living Christianity as a life-style more than a set of beliefs, and embracing the sacred reality of Presence, Richard challenges us all into deeper levels of being alive in this world and serving others. This is how the mystics understood and lived, and we are invited to the same banquet.

These teachings were presented immediately prior to the CAC Emerging Christianity conference in 2010.

Approximate length: 5 hours

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