What is the Emerging Church? ~ MP3

What is the Emerging Church? ~ MP3


Richard Rohr offers a wide view of what is being called "The Emerging Church."

There are many definitions for this phenomenon, but Richard gives us four main categories that indicate something new and hopeful is happening in many denominations:

  • In recent years there is honest, broad, ecumenical Jesus scholarship that is finding a strong consensus emerging regarding what the Gospel is really about;
  • There is evidence of advancement in human consciousness, an emerging contemplative, non-dualistic mind, that allows the whole field of reality to teach us;
  • The major concerns of Jesus are a lot different than the concerns emphasized by today's churches. How did we get this far from Jesus? What is emerging is a more humble approach to this question—not in an angry, adversarial way, but rather in a hopeful, prayerful way, not rejecting tradition. This is very different from any previous reformations;
  • What seems to be slowly emerging is a new community way of doing church, through other complimentary structures rather than creating new denominations. This appears to be a new notion on how to create reform.

Richard delves into each of these four areas to examine more closely what he has observed happening in many parts of the world. He sees the fruits of the Holy Spirit at work in the broad field of what is being called "The Emerging Church." Richard offers a clear and very helpful introduction to this dynamic new phenomenon.

This talk was presented via webcast in 2008.

Approximate length: 1 hour, 20 minutes

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file.