What Difference Does Trinity Make? ~ MP3

What Difference Does Trinity Make? ~ MP3


Since the Trinity is Mystery, it is often passed over as something that we could never understand, nor should we try. Not so, says Richard Rohr.

He says, “This is it, this sums up everything that I have experienced. The Blessed Trinity is the central, paramount, and foundational doctrine of our entire belief system. How is it possible that the Heart of God is not a central part of pastoral care?”

This introductory talk is a "circling around" this Mystery that we do need to understand. It is necessary to approach this Mystery with humility, using metaphor. God is the Dance itself, and we are part of it. This becomes participatory knowledge from within. Explore this Mystery through this engaging teaching.

This teaching was presented at the Religious Education Congress in 2004.

Approximate length: 1 hour

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file.