The Odyssey: The Further Journey ~ MP3

The Odyssey: The Further Journey ~ MP3


Why does Franciscan priest Richard Rohr explore this theme from ancient Greek mythology? Richard sees the spiritual genius of myths and describes how they come from a deep river of truth which prophetic, wise people perceive. He explores how these sacred stories contain archetypal meaning that is as fresh to spiritual travelers today as it was 700 years B.C.E.

Richard looks at the mythological symbols in modern terms, as well as uncovering some religious content in the story. The listener might be surprised that much of the focus in this story relates directly to what we call today “the second half of life” journey. This teaching calls us to explore our life and to grow from the experience.

A reading of several short sections of The Odyssey refreshes our memory of the text and makes Richard’s presentation a very lively teaching.

Approximate Length: 80 minutes

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file.