Soul Centering through Nature ~ MP3

Soul Centering through Nature ~ MP3


Two wisdom teachers, Richard Rohr and Bill Plotkin, approach the theme of human maturity and consciousness from different traditions, yet they arrive at a deep level of convergence, sharing views that can be helpful to all who listen.

Bill Plotkin demonstrates that a truly adult human is one who experiences deeply that they are a unique part of a more-than-human world. True adults then act on this, carrying their gifts to the Earth and to the human community. Most humans need healthy culture to mature into their full potential, but westernized cultures have impeded that process. Because humans are more dependent on culture than any other species, when a culture is limiting, transformation doesn't happen.

Richard Rohr looks at the flow of human culture and weaves a Scriptural perspective to show how the essential message of Jesus was to show that matter and spirit have always been together; to say that they are separate is a lie. Jesus is a manifestation of the two being together. "Unitive awareness" is where all is connected.

Their dialogue, complete with questions and responses, opens new ways of seeing ourselves in an exciting new world.

Approximate length: 80 minutes

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