Oneing: Trauma

Oneing: Trauma


In his introduction to the Spring 2021 edition of Oneing on “Trauma,” Richard Rohr states that “there has scarcely been a protracted period, family, or country which did not regularly experience such things as war, famine, torture, a tragic loss of parents or children, unbearable injustice over which a group felt powerless, visible domestic violence, violent rape, false imprisonment, flood or fire on a massive scale, or even wholesale genocide of a race or village.”

The theme of the edition is timely, considering the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives due to a complex global pandemic, political upheaval, armed conflicts, and squalid migrant camps cropping up in many parts of the world, not to mention the suffering of countless kinds of animal and plant life due to global warming. Although it seems that we are living through eschatological times, we can hope that transformation will be the result of this eye-opening, heartbreaking suffering.

To help us make sense of seemingly endless personal and collective traumas, the edition features fine authors from a variety of backgrounds, including the healing arts. New voices to Oneing, such as Trina Avetta Armstrong, Elizabeth Lev, and Donna L. Schindler are featured alongside familiar, previously published names, including David Benner, Joan Halifax, James Finley, Matthew Fox, and Kaitlin Curtice.

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