Oneing: Transgression ~ PDF Download

Oneing: Transgression ~ PDF Download


Richard Rohr, in his introduction to this edition of Oneing, states: “It seems that we must fail, and even ‘transgress,’ and then desire mercy and love because of that very transgression.”

The paradox is that transgression is a necessary part of the transformative process. Transgression can be “sin” that separates us from the Divine in ourselves and in others, preventing us from entering into the flow of relationship…. At other times, what may be perceived as transgression is the necessary movement across false boundaries that keep us from God. Until we experience the pain of separation from Divine Reality, we often don’t do the necessary work to move beyond our small narcissistic selves into the much larger reality of a Truth that frees and transforms us.

However transgression is viewed, whatever the type of offense — be it against the law of love or in service of authentic freedom — we can trust that on the other side we will meet mercy.

—From the Editor’s Note by Vanessa Guerin

This issue of Oneing includes original articles by Richard Rohr, Rob Bell, Cynthia Bourgeault, James Danaher, Russ Hudson, Diarmuid O’Murchu, Bill Plotkin, Robert Sardello, Avideh Shashaani, and others.

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