Living the Eternal Now ~ MP3

Living the Eternal Now ~ MP3


Richard Rohr uses insightful theology, moving poetry, and life experiences of other wisdom teachers to lead the listener into the unitive space of living in the Now.

We imagine that God is elsewhere, but when we really experience the "something" that is really present, then the obstacle—the mind—can be overcome. This allows us to live in the present. The only time when Jesus talks about the future, he says, "don’t worry about it." The language Jesus uses for the past is "forget it"; the past is forgiven. Let go of who we think we are, and live now.

This profound talk shows how we can observe the obstacles within that keep us from living in the present. Richard offers suggestions on how we might allow ourselves to be led to live in this presence.

Richard says that, “This is the most helpful teaching I have ever given in my 30 years of active ministry, but I can barely describe it.... You have to experience it.... You can’t get there; you can only be there.”

Approximate length: 1 hour, 20 minutes

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file.