Life After Doom

Life After Doom


"I can’t say it enough: Read this book! Read this book!"
Randy Woodley, Author/Speaker, Co-sustainer at Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice

"In Life After Doom, Brian McLaren does what he does best: helps us hold the liminal space of hoping for a better world while grieving the one we have created today. In these pages, McLaren helps us name hard truths and ask questions that often feel exhausting to ask, and reminds us along the way that we are not alone in those questions."
Kaitlin B Curtice, citizen of the Potawatomi Nation and award-winning author of Native, Living Resistance and Winter’s Gifts

"When I finished Life After Doom, I was overcome by a single unexpected response: gratitude. In these pages, Brian is pastor, teacher, therapist and prophet as he guides us through the multiple crises of our current situation. He challenges both debilitating despair and false hope to awaken our capacity to dream and act courageously for the future... You will thank him."
Diana Butler Bass, author of Christianity After Religion

For the last quarter-century, author and activist Brian D. McLaren has been writing at the intersection of religious faith and contemporary culture. In Life After Doom, he engages with the catastrophic failure of both our religious and political leaders to address the dominant realities of our time: ecological overshoot, economic injustice, and the increasing likelihood of civilizational collapse. McLaren defines doom as the “un-peaceful, uneasy, unwanted feeling” that “we humans have made a mess of our civilization and our planet, and not enough of us seem to care enough to change deeply enough or quickly enough to save ourselves.”

Blending insights from philosophers, poets, scientists, and theologians, 
Life After Doom explores the complexity of hope, the necessity of grief, and the need for new ways of thinking, becoming, and belonging in turbulent times. If you want to help yourself, your family, and the communities to which you belong to find courage and resilience for the deeply challenging times that are upon us ― this is the book you need right now.