In the Footsteps of Francis: Awakening to Creation ~ MP3

In the Footsteps of Francis: Awakening to Creation ~ MP3


Join with Richard Rohr and friends to explore a different way of living in this world: a living of life in abundance and living it in a sense of “being drawn” rather than “being driven.”

Richard explores St. Francis’ life and vision from fresh eyes, avoiding the romanticism that often obscures Francis’ real message. Discover what “pre-emptive salvation” meant for Francis, and how that applies to you and your life. How might the “healing power of nature” benefit you? Is it real? What is the "final spiritual ecology"?

Richard ends his presentation with an insightful reflection of St. Francis’ Canticle of Brother Sun, which opens the inner meaning of that famous poem/prayer.

This talk was presented via webcast.

Approximate length: 80 minutes

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file. Also available as a CD.

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