Great Chain of Being: Simplifying Our Lives ~ MP3

Great Chain of Being: Simplifying Our Lives ~ MP3


Ecology is a modern word for what medieval Franciscan scholars called "The Great Chain of Being." They predicted that if we stopped seeing God in any one link of the chain, the whole thing would fall apart.

Listen as Richard Rohr, Paula Gonzalez, and Tiki Kustenmacher help us reconcile religious, moral, global and local demands and challenges, and still remain contemplatives.

Sections include:

  • Participation and Connection—Richard Rohr
  • Awakening to the Sacred—Paula Gonzalez
  • Simplify your Life—Tiki Kustenmacher
  • The Final Participation—Richard Rohr
  • Toward a Sustainable Future—Paula Gonzalez
  • Closing Liturgy

These teachings were presented at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2007.

Approximate length: 6 hours

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file.