Emerging Church: Christians Creating a New World Together ~ MP3

Emerging Church: Christians Creating a New World Together ~ MP3


In March 2009, a large group of followers of Jesus, people from a wide range of denominational traditions, met to share experiences and to learn from each other. The inspirational theme revolved around the strong feeling that something new was emerging. Even though no one knows exactly what this emergence is or where it is taking us, the wind of the Spirit is moving through many faith communities.

What is emerging? What does this really mean? Five teachers share their experiences and insights to enrich the dialogue. By experiencing this dynamic conference through these recordings, your perspective may become deeper and your faith stronger.

Program Speakers and Titles:

  • Phyllis Tickle: The Great Emergence
  • Brian McLaren: The Historical Jesus: What you focus on determines what you miss
  • Richard Rohr: Standing Contemplatively in an Active World
  • Alexie Torres-Fleming: A Plea in Love: When you are silent, you are not neutral
  • Shane Claiborne: Harmonizing without Homogenizing

Approximate Length: 7 hours

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file.