Companion Guide for Groups ~ The Universal Christ

Companion Guide for Groups ~ The Universal Christ


Contemplation . . . does not insist on quick closure or easy answers. It never rushes to judgment and in fact avoids making quick judgments because judgments have more to do with egoic, personal control than with a loving search for truth. —Richard Rohr

The Companion Guide for Groups has been designed for those who wish to gather together in a small group to engage in contemplative practices inspired by Richard Rohr’s book, The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For, and Believe.

Three group guides are included in the Companion Guide for Groups. Each is designed for the group’s level of knowledge of Fr. Richard’s teachings and offers numerous group growth opportunities, including:

  • learning about a forgotten teaching on Christ that can impact everything we see, hope for, and believe;
  • experiencing the opportunity to learn and engage in Christian contemplative practices;
  • participating in a community whose members are growing in their presence to one another; and
  • setting intentions for becoming a more loving, engaged presence in the world.

A Facilitator’s Guide is also included for those who wish to organize and facilitate group sessions.

The page references in this guide correspond with the hardcover edition of The Universal Christ, which is available here.

Paperback, 172 pages.

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