Oneing: Perfection ~ PDF Download

Oneing: Perfection ~ PDF Download


Richard Rohr begins his Introduction to this edition of Oneing by saying:

It is quite unfortunate that the ideal of perfection has been applied to human beings. Strictly speaking, perfection can only be attributed to the Divine Self. Such a false goal has turned many religious people into pretenders or deniers—very often both. It has created people who, lacking compassion, have made impossible demands on themselves and others, resulting in a tendency toward superiority, impatience, dismissiveness, and negative/critical thinking.

Several contributors focus on Matthew 5:48: “You shall be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Gigi Ross delves into the etymology of the word, exploring how we are called to be perfect in the way God empowers us to be—our perfectly authentic selves. Timothy King examines the passage and its context more carefully and comes to a clearer understanding of what it reveals about himself.

Gayle Scott shares how her idea of perfection paradoxically kept her from seeing perfection in each and every moment, while Mirabai Starr connects Teresa of Ávila’s teaching on detachment to Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths.

This edition also includes articles by Russ Hudson, David Benner, Jack Jezreel, Christianne Squires, Joseph Schmidt, and James Alison.

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