Oneing: Order, Disorder, Reorder

Oneing: Order, Disorder, Reorder


This edition of Oneing brings together for the first time the faculty of the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC). These marvelous, unique thinkers work collectively to teach the rich concepts of “Order, Disorder, Reorder”—the theme of this edition of Oneing.

In his article “Include and Transcend,” Fr. Richard Rohr describes the often-recurring pattern of order, disorder, reorder “in both people and systems.” Rohr then offers an outline “which illustrates how the great spiritualties and philosophies often taught this quite directly, but with different vocabularies, symbols, and metaphors.”

CAC’s other faculty members—Cynthia Bourgeault, James Finley, Barbara Holmes, and Brian McLaren—contribute articles that address and/or incorporate Rohr’s concept within the context of their unique perspectives. Additionally, Kirsten Oates, the CAC’s Managing Director of Planning and Programs and faculty colleague, includes a brief statement together with a clarifying outline of Rohr’s dynamic concept.

We hope you will find deep value in this Special Edition of Oneing.

Paperback. Also available as a PDF Digital Download, click here.