In the Beginning: Six Hours with Rob Bell and Richard Rohr ~ MP3

In the Beginning: Six Hours with Rob Bell and Richard Rohr ~ MP3


Together Rob Bell, bestselling author, and Richard Rohr deliver back-to-back presentations that reframe what scripture, tradition, and experience reveal about the underlying benevolence of the universe. No, God is not the punitive and vengeful deity some have been taught to fear. Rather, God is compassionate, creative, and infinitely loving. From beginning to end of time, God’s desire is to bring beauty and wholeness out of pain and death. Richard and Rob reclaim the original Christian narrative and help us see that our story begins and ends in love.

This presentation includes Richard's Hell, No! talk, available as an MP3 audio download and a CD.

These talks were presented at the CONSPIRE 2014 conference in Santa Ana, New Mexico, in 2014.

Preview a short excerpt of Rob Bell from this teaching:

Preview a short excerpt of Richard Rohr from this teaching:

Approximate length: 6 hours, 40 minutes

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file. Also available as a CD.

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