Franciscan Mysticism: I AM That Which I Am Seeking ~ MP3

Franciscan Mysticism: I AM That Which I Am Seeking ~ MP3


Richard Rohr presents an energizing 21st century Franciscan theology. This in-depth exploration of Franciscan Mysticism addresses honestly and tenderly the reality of all creation. Fr. Richard explains the Four Splits—disjointed body and mind, ego and soul, life and death, self and other—that keep us from recognizing the sacred everywhere, and he invites us to heal these splits by encountering Mystery in practical ways, close to creation. This is the door to a conscious life with God.

Topics include:

  • Alternative Orthodoxy of Franciscanism
  • Transformation through suffering and solidarity with the poor
  • Univocity of Being—no separation between sacred and profane
  • Franciscans Bonaventure and John Duns Scotus
  • Development of authentic religion from elitist to egalitarian
  • Cosmic Christ—God’s presence through all time in all things
  • Paschal Mystery of life-death-life

Listen as Richard Rohr explores the whole and sacred world St. Francis offers and find balance, strength, and union within your own life.

This talk was presented at a conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2012.

Approximate length: 4.75 hours

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file.