Enneagram as a Tool for Your Spiritual Journey ~ MP3

Enneagram as a Tool for Your Spiritual Journey ~ MP3


In this recording of the 2009 conference originally titled Laughing and Weeping, Richard Rohr and Russ Hudson present a teaching of the Enneagram in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The depth of the teachings offered in this conference goes far beyond the identification of the nine Enneagram types. The Enneagram is presented as a serious spiritual tool, a tool of remembrance, a pathway to open ourselves to the gift of Presence.

The serious, deep study of the Enneagram shows the importance of Grace and the awakening of the soul. Gaining clear self-knowledge is a crucial step in this process of becoming fully human. The Enneagram helps us in this journey.

Topics include:

  • The Enneagram and Non-Dual Thinking
  • The Roots of the Enneagram and the Three Centers
  • The Body Center: Types 8, 9, & 1
  • The Heart Center: Types 2, 3,& 4
  • The Head Center: Types 5, 6, & 7
  • Questions and Responses
  • Let "Sin" be Your Teacher
  • Learning to Say "Yes" to What You Love

Approximate length: 7 hours & 30 minutes

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