True Self / False Self  ~ CD

True Self / False Self ~ CD


Richard Rohr feels that there is no more challenging spiritual issue than the “problem of the self.” Most of contemporary spiritual teaching, he believes, is still trying to inspire and fortify the private self, the autonomous "I."

Even much church work is trying to evangelize and sacramentalize what many would call "the false self." Basic transformation is not expected, but merely a new set of beliefs and practices or loyal membership in a new group. This only confirms the disguise of the ego, but does not truly offer a "new creation." Both the individual and society remain largely unchanged.

Richard believes that until the false assumptions of Western individualism are clearly faced and experienced by religious believers, there will be no real breakthroughs for Christianity or any religion. He makes reference to the work of Ken Wilbur, Thomas Merton, Eckhart Tolle, the mystical tradition (especially of Julian of Norwich), Mary Oliver, and the new paradigm offered by quantum physics.

In a presentation that embraces the challenge, inspiration and genuine hope that is offered by the Gospel of Jesus, Richard illustrates the implications of transformation both for individuals and for society at large.

  • CD 1: The Divine Indwelling: Bearing the Burden
  • CD 2: Love is Stronger than Death
  • CD 3: Divinization: Resting Against the Naked Breast of Life
  • CD 4: Traps of the False Self
  • CD 5: Entering the Now

Approximate length: 6 hours