Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life ~ CD

Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life ~ CD


Richard Rohr and Paula D'Arcy believe that much of personal and institutional religious confusion could be helped by clearly distinguishing the tasks of the two halves of life.

Much of institutional religion is concerned with the tasks of the first half of life. The need for adults is to move on to the tasks of the second half of life, which are much closer to the concerns of Jesus, Buddha and the mystics of all religions.
Prepare for both stages to affirm and challenge you, and also to recognize the immense implications for raising children and young people.

"It is striking how often history has recognized that there are at least two major movements in the spiritual journey. I call them the path of ascent and the path of descent. I am convinced that untold failure and distortion have entered the worlds of psychological development and transformative spirituality because we have not honored these two stages in proper sequence, and therefore have not honored them at all."—Richard Rohr

Approximate length: 6 hours