Mirror Medallion

Mirror Medallion


Richard Rohr speaks of the Mirror Medallion in his books, The Naked Now and The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation.

"... I began to think of some way that I could help others to participate in this wonderful flow of life through me. It seemed like a living experience of the Trinity: We are the embodied Christ and the Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, giving praise to the Father by our very existence. I pictured wearing a “mirror medallion” that would take in all scenes in front of me moment by moment. It would not look like a piece of religious jewelry, but merely a plain mirror that always takes in exactly what it sees, without distortion or judgment or analysis, only love.

“The back of the mirror would have an image of the Eye of God forever gazing at me with love, respect, and even desire. I had recently come across a largely ignored passage in James 4:5. It said, “The longing of the Spirit that He sent to dwell in us is a jealous longing.” Let’s be a part of that deep and conscious longing for God!

“In India, they have the notion of “darshan.” The Hindus go to the temple, not to see God, statues, rituals, as much as to be seen by God! This mirror medallion could help us to allow God look at us as we are, to gaze at us, to delight in us!

“So this medallion is to educate you in the flow, in the ability to both receive and reflect back the glory of God, which is why I chose the quote from 2 Cor. 3:18 for the back. It is actually an exercise in passivity, in allowing, in surrendering, in enjoying what is already happening. Now the eye of God, gazing inwardly at your breast, will be a constant reminder of what is already happening. It will hold you in the Eternal Now and in the flow that is the very life of the Trinity."

Includes one Mirror Medallion, 1.75" diameter with 28-inch black cord, and a full Mirror Medallion explanation written by Richard.