Levels of Spiritual Growth ~ CD

Levels of Spiritual Growth ~ CD


In this retreat led by Richard Rohr, he shares his many years of experience as a spiritual director and offers an insightful tool which helps the seeker to better understand what dynamic is going on in his or her inner life, and what each person needs to pay attention to, or ignore.

Richard quotes the early Franciscan scholar, John Duns Scotus, and many other spiritual masters, saying that “Whatever is received, is received according to the manner/mode of the receiver.” Those masters recognized that people are living at different levels or stages of awareness in their spiritual journey.

In this teaching, Richard identifies and discusses each level, or stage, recognizing that the spiritual journey is much more complex and subtle than any system of defined levels or stages can express. He cautions the listener to avoid the ego-trap of wanting to know, for the wrong reasons, the level one currently occupies, thus erroneously using it as some sort of identity enhancer or parlor game. Richard presents a non-judgmental tool intended to help people deepen their faith. Since we receive information at our current level of awareness, wisdom and patience are needed to help us awaken to the gift that is already present within each person.

This recording offers excellent insight for the seeker. We suggest that Spiritual Directors choose the title Where You Are is Where I'll Meet You, which is a very similar teaching, but with emphasis for those persons responsible for offering formal spiritual direction to others.

Approximate length: 70 minutes

Also available as an MP3 audio download.