In the Footsteps of St. Paul ~ CD

In the Footsteps of St. Paul ~ CD


Paul is proclaiming a message of the enlightened transformed humanity in Christ and he wants each community to be a model of a new kind of person.

In retracing the second and third missionary trips of St. Paul, Richard Rohr breaks open the life of this saint, recasting him as a mystic and as the first Christian theologian. This, Richard believes, is essential to any ongoing reformation of Christianity, since St. Paul is read publicly most Sundays at Mass, and most people who hear Paul do not know what he is talking about or reject what he is saying, casting him as a mere moralist.

As he and other pilgrims travel from Athens and Corinth to Berea, Thessalonica, Philippi, and Patmos in Greece to Ephesus, Istanbul, Miletus, and Pergamum in Turkey, Richard presents Paul's revolutionary and all-embracing vision and invites us to enter into the mystery of Christ and be transformed. Richard breaks new ground by applying up-to-date theories of our universe, integrating them with Paul's revolutionary thinking about sin, saints, and spirituality.

Approximate length: 7.5 hours (7 CDs)