How Do We Breathe Under Water? ~ DVD

How Do We Breathe Under Water? ~ DVD


Calling the 12-Step program the "...great American contribution to the history of spirituality," Richard Rohr challenges his listeners to master the denials, deceptions and illusions of not just our personal addictions but the addictive nature of our entire culture.

An addiction is a condition in which we feel we need more and more of what doesn't work. It's an attachment and, if we are honest, we all have lots of them. In this series, Richard offers hope and practical suggestions from many sources, including Bill Wilson's Big Book and Scripture.

Topics include:

  • The Big Book and the Gospel
  • Addictive Thinking
  • Wounds as Trophies
  • Rituals and Life Summary

Approximate length: 5 hours

Also available as an MP3 audio download or an audio CD set.

This DVD is manufactured in the North American standard NTSC format. If you are unsure about the format your geographic area uses, please click here to learn more.