Culture, Scapegoating, and Jesus ~ CD

Culture, Scapegoating, and Jesus ~ CD


In this teaching based on reflections of Rene Girard’s groundbreaking work, Sacred Violence, Richard Rohr says, “This is the biggest breakthrough in understanding Jesus that I have ever heard.” Girard has discovered that the central dynamic of human history has been the scapegoating mechanism, where group cohesion requires some outside group to hate. This has led to an endless cycle of hurts and revenge that leads nowhere.

Jesus the Scapegoat destabilized human history. Jesus as the forgiving victim of history receives unto himself our hatred and refuses to give it back. He never asked his followers for vengeance. He took from his followers the need to scapegoat, saying "Love your enemy."

This one-hour teaching is an overview of a deep revelation that allows us to understand better the violence in today’s world.

Approximate length: 1 hour

Also available as an MP3 audio download.