CONSPIRE 2017: Transformation

CONSPIRE 2017: Transformation ~ MP4


The separate self is the major problem, not the shadow self which only takes deeper forms of disguise.

Richard Rohr, Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Mirabai Starr, and Ken Wilber explore our misguided attempts to overcome evil. They help us rediscover all beings’ inherent unity and belovedness. Conversion demands immense humility and honesty rather than zeal or purity. The autonomous, egocentric, and separate self must give way to our True Self.

Many people presume that the job of religion is to eliminate evil; however, how we eliminate evil is much more important! Violence, injustice, and greed only increase when they are denied in ourselves and projected onto others—this is the “shadow” self.

Most immature religion has attacked the shadow directly, focusing on the symptom while missing the actual source of evil. This leaves self-righteous and high-minded people feeling like they are in control, when in reality they are ignoring the core problem—the mistaken belief that we are separate from God and each other.

We have always been one in Love.

Facing our shadow is a breakthrough to grace and mercy. Embracing the parts of ourselves we’ve denied also reveals a “golden shadow”—our goodness, giftedness, and generosity!

These talks were presented at the CONSPIRE 2017 conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2017.

Approximate length: 9 hours

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