Beloved Sons Series: How Men Change ~ DVD

Beloved Sons Series: How Men Change ~ DVD


During this webcast, Richard Rohr explores the issue of change, especially why and how men resist it. "How do men change?" he asks. "They don't—unless they have to!"

Richard shares insight on how men (and women) can change—through willingness to live in the light and the dark at the same time, in the shadowland, where both are embraced and held in the tension of daily life.

Through questions from webcast viewers, Richard responds with very sound, practical advice which can open us all to the transformative path that leads to fullness of life and love.

Approximate length: 80 minutes

Published in 2009

Also available as an MP3 audio download or an audio CD.

This DVD is manufactured in the North American standard NTSC format. If you are unsure about the format your geographic area uses, please click here to learn more.