Jesus' Plan for a New World

Jesus' Plan for a New World


Richard Rohr, with John Brookser Feister, explores the Gospel According to Matthew and delves into the Sermon on the Mount, considered the blueprint of the Christian lifestyle.

They emerge with a clearer understanding of the Nazorean rabbi who predicated this blueprint and the Gospel writers, especially Matthew, who passed it on to us. The secret to understanding the Sermon on the Mount, says Richard Rohr, is to understand what Jesus was about when he preached it: "This book is as much about getting ready to hear the Sermon as it is about the Sermon itself."

"What a solid and well-written book about Jesus. I can't recommend it highly enough for everyone whether they have deep faith or no faith, as well as to clergy and theologians of all faiths. It provides excellent food for thought." —Joseph Girzone

Paperback, 175 pages