A Spring Within Us: A Book of Daily Meditations

A Spring Within Us: A Book of Daily Meditations


In these daily reflections, Richard Rohr invites us to rediscover the spring hidden inside. He reminds us of our inherent belovedness and God’s indwelling presence. Remembering who we truly are is a gradual, lifelong journey, but Richard offers insights to ease the process and lead us back to our Source. The meditations follow the arc of life from innocence, through inevitable brokenness, to putting ourselves back together, through ripening into union—with self, God, the world, and others.

Richard draws from Scripture, Christian mystics, non-dual teachers from various faiths, and wisdom from other fields such as psychology, science, the Enneagram, and the Twelve Steps. He is not teaching new concepts so much as framing them in a way that resonates with our intuitive wisdom, the truth that our souls already know.

Each week concludes with a unique invitation to contemplative practice. Throughout the book, Richard also calls us to compassionate action. The spiritual journey is not merely for our own transformation, but for the healing of the world.

“With his great Franciscan heart wide open to the heart of the world, Richard Rohr seems to have a sixth sense about what’s emerging into consciousness and where he is needed next. . . . What awaits you here is the integrated wisdom that emerges out of a life courageously and vulnerably lived.” —Cynthia Bourgeault, from the Foreword

The meditations in A Spring Within Us first appeared in 2014 as Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations emails. They have since been revised and updated for this book.

Paperback, 428 pages

CAC Publishing, 2016