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What Do You Mean "Falling Upward"? ~ MP3

Part Number SP-M-39
What Do You Mean "Falling Upward"? ~ MP3
A Richard Rohr webcast presentation of his book, Falling Upward.

In the first half of life, we are naturally and rightly preoccupied with establishing our identity—climbing, achieving, and performing. But those concerns will not serve us as we grow older and begin to embark on a further journey, one that involves challenges and mistakes that actually shock us out of our prior comfort zone.

Eventually we need to see ourselves in a different and more life-giving way. This message of “falling down”—that is in fact moving upward—is the most resisted and counter-intuitive of messages in the world’s religions, including and most especially Christianity.

In this talk Richard illustrates what he said in the book and why he felt the need to say it. He addresses what matters and what doesn’t matter at all. He is joined by Suzanne Stabile and Sheryl Fullerton in a dynamic Question and Response session.

Approximate length: 80 minutes. 

This is a downloadable MP3 audio file. Also available as a CD or as a DVD.

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