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The Good News According to Luke

Part Number SC-B-01
The Good News According to Luke
The apt subtitle to this book is "Spiritual Reflections." This penetrating teaching on Luke’s Gospel originated a 10-week speaking series by Richard Rohr.

You will encounter spiritual insights on Luke's main themes that will help you discover the essence of his Gospel.

192 pages.

"There is no such thing as a book by Richard Rohr not worth reading. This is one of the most balanced, open-minded, inspirational, and entertaining thinkers we have today. In this new book - based on transcripts of talks he has given, as are almost all of his books - Franciscan Father Rohr tackles the Gospel of Luke. He does so not as an exegete, though his underlying scripture scholarship is utterly reliable. Rather, he unpacks Luke, reflects on its various parts, and comments on the meanings of Luke's Gospel for today. A knockout of a book." — Mitch Finley, Praying

"With razor-sharp acuity, Rohr delineates some of the major themes of Luke... You can depend on this author to consistently come up with unique insights and epiphanies that cut to the soul of things."
— Frederic A. Brussat, Cultural Information Service

"Rohr not only offers a wealth of insight on Luke, but also proclaims a clarion call for us to follow Jesus today."Spiritual Book News
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