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Intimacy: The Divine Ambush ~ MP3

Part Number SP-M-42
Intimacy: The Divine Ambush ~ MP3
How do we solve the problem of our separation—separation from each other, from God, and from reality itself?

Master teachers Richard Rohr and James Finley help us rediscover our longing for union. They offer clear parallels between human and divine intimacy, how each enriches and educates the other. Learn the ways of surrendering to the Love that undergirds all and experience transformation through relationship with Divine Reality.

Finley and Rohr explore intimacy through the poetry and commentaries of John of the Cross and the experiences and writings of Julian of Norwich. Themes include:
  • Dark nights of the soul, senses, and spirit
  • How to be a good beginner
  • Finding God in unconsummated longings
  • Art of mystical sobriety
  • Spiritual betrothal
  • Consummation of union
Rev. Ruth Patterson, a Presbyterian minister from Ireland, joins Finley and Rohr for Question and Response sessions. Discover how God breaks through our defenses in the same seductive way as lovers do.

Recording of a conference presented in April 2013 in Santa Fe, New Mexico; approximate length 9.5 hours with tracks for convenient bookmarking.

This is a downloadable MP3 digital file. Also available as a CD set.
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