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Authentic Transformation ~ MP4

Part Number VSD-04
Authentic Transformation ~ MP4
The word “transformation” is used frequently today. But what does it actually mean to be transformed? And how does true transformation happen?

Richard Rohr suggests there are three key components to spiritual transformation-

The Necessity of a Foundational Conversion: An experience of the Absolute, a radical change of consciousness, an initiating experience, Twelve-Step work, or ego and shadow work.

The Sign of Spiritual Conversion: A never-failing movement toward the edge, the bottom, the suffering, and the simple.

A Practice for Staying Open: Some form of quieting, meditation, contemplation, solitude, and silence.

Fr. Richard explores how and why this sequence is necessary for our growth as spiritual human beings. At the end of the teaching he addresses thoughtful questions from the audience.

This talk was presented via live webcast in February 2016.

Approximate length 89 minutes.

View two short excerpts from Authentic Transformation below:

Preview #1:
Preview #2:

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